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Pottery Mold Making Video, Using Plaster

This video is a good basic instructional piece on how to make a one piece pottery mold, using plaster. The host in the video really takes her time to go through the proper preparation steps to creating an effective pottery mold. When watching this video, pay special attention to the preparation steps as they are key to making an effective, ready to use one piece pottery tumbler mold. This video is the first of a three part series, designed to make your life easier.

Boothe Mold Company

Ceramic Molds, pottery supply and clay art information center

Ceramic Shop - Manufactures plaster ceramic molds for the hobby ceramic mold industry. New ceramic mold designs every month. Complete ceramic supplies. Manufactures plaster ceramic molds for the hobby ceramic mold...

Crest Molds

Crest Molds Website - The place for your ceramic molds, ceramic paints, ceramic slip, and porcelain. We are here to help your ceramic business from start to finish.

Art Cove

Plaster molds for all occasions. Craft supplies and art supplies with more than 6000 listed items for your online shopping pleasure.

Studio Creations - How to Make a Plaster Mold

We start laying the liquid plaster onto the sculpture with a paintbrush. Plaster will leak everywhere. You just need to coat the top of the plaster a bit to get a good impression layer.

Articole Studios

concrete mould makers and plaster moulds suppliers, Articole Studios, UK